Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Little Bit of Chicken Fried

Hey there! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend! I spent the weekend with a new friend who also happens to be crazy about crafting, how fun is that?! She lives a few yards away from me and she's into all kind of crafty business, from baking cakes to making boutique style hair bows and she's super awesome! Our husbands are in the same company and went through AIT and Basic together so they hung out and played pool and air hockey in the garage while we bonded lol. Starting this week, we're starting a craft/ baking day where we make cards, canvases or some other project and try out a new baking recipe while our kiddos play in the back yard. OMG can't wait! We were planning to hang out some more today (Sunday) but we got rained in so I spent a relaxing day in my craft room while my sweetheart kept an eye on the kiddos, they even helped him with the laundry:

In case you're wondering, yes, those are her underwear on her head and his socks on her hands (all clean I promise!) I'm so grateful that he takes them off my hands for a while on his off days so I can craft and relax, even though it seems they try their best to drive him crazy ^.^ Since I was in a relaxed mood I decided to make a chill kind of laid back feeling masculine card, so I pulled out an image I'v been meaning to use for a while and created this little card for this week's FFF, Stripes or Plaid over at The Farm

Guitar Ian

Somehow I managed to get  a sneak peek of this handsome fella in the TGF store before he was meant to be for sale and once I found out he wasn't available yet but would be soon, I was on pins and needles waiting to order him! I finally got him, stamped and colored him but hadn't made a card home for him so I put him away till the inspiration came. For some reason the song Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band is one of my absolute favorites and listening to it gave me the inspiration to pull this little guy out and give him a home! Now every time I look at guitar Ian I'll think of Chicken Fried and want to listen to it ^.^ What do you do to get you inspired to craft, I'd love to know! See you guys tomorrow


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  1. This is adorable Krys!!! Love your design and your fantastic coloring of Guitar Ian! That's awesome to find a crafty friend! Most of my close friends are not crafty but it would be nice to share a passion we love so much! As for what inspires me to craft, I love to watch crafting You Tube vids from my favs which always inspire me to create! :) Thanks for joining our FFF challenge this week! :)