Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Color me Inspired

Hey! Yet another day of sunshine and heat when we were promised thunderstorms and scattered showers today so the family and I spent a good amount of time outside. My hubby's excuse for keeping me away from my craft room and outside for most of his four day weekend is that we only have another month of warmth before we'll be forced to stay inside anyway as it gets colder and colder here. Personally even thought people keep telling me it won't be that bad, I'm terrified. In the part of Texas I came from, winter only lasted about a week and if it got down below 20 degrees, we just about hibernated till the heat came back! I look forward to mid 50's but anything less than that and I am plain ol' grouchy lol. Anyway, since I was able to get back into my craft room I decided to work on a masterpiece of coming soon (a.k.a. when I finish) which I hope will be by the end of the week. I made quite a bit of progress and I am very excited about how its turning out so far but I can hardly wait to be done so I can share it with you guys! In the mean time, I have a cute little project for this week's FFF over at The Greeting Farm, following this lovely color palette that I simply adore!

Gorgeous isn't it??! I couldn't wait to try out this palette considering it is very similar to the one I've been using for decor in my craft room! SO without further ado:

(From L to R)
Magical Bean, Shiny Bean, Up Up Bean

I created this sign using another of the blank ceramic bisque signs I love so much, multiple beans stamped in tuxedo black memento ink and masking them to make a group scene, and coloring with my copic markers. I think this color palette is so beautiful and happy, it reminds me of my favorite flower, the Stargazer Lilly, so this color inspiration challenge came naturally to me. What a perfect word for a sign hanging in a craft room! And these little beans do just that, out of all the beans, they are 3 of my absolute favorite. They make me happy and happiness inspires creativity for me. Two of the 3 can be found as part of the Magical Kit, available now at The Greeting Farm's shop. What words, stamps, pictures etc. (if any) do you have around your craft room? How do they inspire you?



  1. This is SUPER cute! What a great inspiration for your craft room! LOVE IT! Thanks for joining us at TGF FFF!

  2. Krys amiga no se como logras hacer estas cosas tan lindas!!! te felicito esto se ve hermoso!!!

  3. What a fabulous project! Great colors chosen. Girls are super cute! Love it!!

  4. This project is AHHHHMazing Krys!!! Gosh, you are so good with coloring on tiles and ceramics! Beautiful pieces of art they all are! One of these days I'll be brave to try something like this out! LOL Also, I wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words on my blog and the TGF Blog! You are such a sweetie and your praise always makes my day! I'm so happy we are able to share inspiration with each other! :)