Monday, July 21, 2014

Sticky Noted

Hey guys! Sitting home waiting for these so called thunderstorms we've been expecting for the last two days, and the cool front that's supposed to come with such luck! I think I've been away from my sweet Lone Star State too long because my goodness it's been over 80 degrees here and I've been downright melting, but in Texas we saw triple digits so much, 80 degrees WAS a cool front! Maybe Texas 80's and NY 80's are different, because I shut myself in and decided to get crafty while staying cool. As promised (albeit, a few days late) another post it note holder using the oh so adorable Bookish Tia SOG digi.

Bookish Tia

Both my friend and I agree that this girlie looks absolutely too cool for school, strolling by oblivious to the world outside her book. I LOVE fiction and so I can definitely relate to being so caught up in a good book that I'm drawn into the world I'm reading about and the pages seem to turn themselves as the real world fades into the distance! That exciting point where you leave reality behind for a world where anything is possible. That is what I look forward to the most when I read, which is one of my favorite thing to do second only to crafting! Bookish Tia reminds me of myself and you may get tired of seeing her because she may very well be my new favorite digi and I can't wait to use her again on a set of book marks for both myself and my friend so be looking for those! I'm off to join in on the SOG July Linky Party  before I get back to my projects. What do you enjoy doing when you're not crafting?


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  1. This is really fun. Great way to give boring post it notes a personality! Thanks for joining us at Some Odd Girl for our July Linky Party!