Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dog-gone Cute

Hellooooo bloggers! Today's the day, as promised yesterday my head swapping obsession comes to an end as we reach the closing of an awesomely fun challenge over at Splendid Stamping . Seriously this was probably the most fun I've ever had with a challenge  and I can't wait to see what great theme they come up with next! My final entry for the Alter-Ego Challenge  (and quite possibly my favorite) was just so much fun and has a sort of modern vintage flair or at least that's what I was going for :D

Head: C.C. Friday Night Body: Anya Strolls
Sentiment: Winky Bean

For this card I used C.C. Friday Night with Anya Strolls.The trendy fedora with skinny jeans work well together and the perfect pooch complete this fashion forward gal! The sentiment from the Winky Bean set, along with some ribbon and pearls from my stash finished off the card and added the perfect final touches! Let me tell you, I absolutely adore how well the Creeper Crew heads fit on the Big Anya bodies! TGF stamps are seriously so versatile and interchangeable that you can get many looks  and possibilities from only a few stamps. This is especially great when you're just starting to build your collection because you don't feel extremely limited by only having a handfull of stamps! As a crafter I can tell you, card making is not the most inexpensive hobby, so I try and save money wherever I can and the versatility of TGF's stamps makes it easier to get more bang for my buck which is always welcome! This dynamic duo  is my last project for the challenge but fear not my friends, definately not my last creation! See you guys tomorrow and thanks so much for the support!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seeing Red

Omg so, have you guys ever found a pack of DP so amazingly awesome you just HAD to have it... but then the romance wears off and you realize that out of the entire stack of around 50 sheets, you actually only like 5 patterns so the rest of the stack sits and collects dust while slowly being forgotten? No? Hehe... me niether... ignore that forgotten stack of papers over in the corner...huh? The cobwebs? Oh...they're...ummmm....Halloween decorations??? Hey! It happens ok? Dont judge ^.^ Well Today I made myself (and my paper stash) a promise to start making myself use the paper I already own rather than buy more. Thanks to the challenge over at Splendid Stamping, my creativity has been tested and since I've been on a roll I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone a bit and make a red, non Valentiney, non Christmasy card that could go for either gender, for the Farm Fresh Friday Sketch and... why not swap a body while I'm at it right?

Head: C.C. Lula  Body: C.C. Harlow

See I told you, they've created a monster with this body switching Alter-Ego Challenge MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! (My mad scientist laugh :-D). I wish i could tell you guys this is my last swapped out sweetheart, but alas, I colored up another cutie last night and can hardly wait to  use her on a project! I am so excied I hope you guys love it as much as I do! See ya tomorrow, and as always thanks for stopping by


Monday, October 28, 2013

Swicheroo Deja Vu

Helloooo bloggers! I'mso excited to be blogging this lovely cool sunny morning! I am seriously loving this weather its been frikin cold here (and when I say cold I mean Texas cold a.k.a low 60's lol). I digress, when I'm in a good mood I tend to ramble! The point of my post today is to present aanother body snatching alteration creation for the Alter Ego Challenge over at the Splendid Stamping. II'mstarting to feel like Dr FFrankenstein over here, they've created a monster! Lol I've been switching heads and bodies like crazy and my creative juices are just overflowing so without more delay, Ta-da!

( Hat: C.c. Leslie, Head: Winky Bean, Body: C.C. Harlow)

The stapmed images were colored with my trusty copics and per my usual, stickled till it tickled (not really but I thought it would be fun to say... and I was RIGHT! :D ) but seriously, there's quote a bit of crystal stickles all over this card, I couldn't capture the full affect with my phone's camera. The papets are MME and the ribbon is from my stash. This card will be the next entered in the Alter Ego Challenge . Honestly I am having a blast with this body swapping business and I'll see you again tomorrow with another swapped out sweetheart tomorrow! Ttyl,


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Off With Their Heads!!!

Hello ladies and gents! I'm actually attempting to blog from my cell phone and let me tell ya, its sooo not easy so I'm gonna keep this one short sweet and to the point. Long story short funds have been tight so I had to choose between my cell phone or my internet and as much as it sucked, the cell phone will trump internet hands down any day (especially with all the places o ffering free wifi!)Anyway I've been keeping an eye on the Splendid Stamping blog because I freakin LOVE IT! Anyway they announced the other day that there would be no more gvt or retro fresh challenges but there will still (thank God) be a FFF challenge as well as another type of challenge to which the current theme is Who's Your Alter Ego a challenge that required switching heads, bodies outfits etc between two or more TGF stams. Personally I LOVE doing that just to experiment so this challenge was not so much a challenge for me. Without further ado,my super duper switcheroo:
(Left: Head: c.c. Lula, Body: c.c. Leslie / RIGHT: Head: C.C.Friday Night,  Body: Anya Styles) 

Both ladies (well all 4) are colored with copics and glittered beyond all reason with Waterfall stickles all papers are DCWV. 


This lovely creation is the first of a few more creations to be entered in the Who's Your Alter Ego Challenge challenge at splendis stamping so wish me luck and stay tuned!