Monday, September 29, 2014

Digi Me Contest

Wow SOG does it again and I'm extra excited to tell you guys about an awesome new contest going on over at the Some Odd Girl  blog called Digi Me. To sum it up, we fans have been requesting different theme ideas for the ladies over at SOG to turn into stamps. The contest gives us a chance to present our ideas in the form of collages and photos! I'm just bursting with ideas and I've never made a collage before (other than school projects) so I could't wait to participate. I've had the idea of SOG's Kaylee dressed in pink boxing gloves and a pink robe adorned with the breast cancer pink ribbon and that famous sassy short hair cut Kaylee has been known to rock and pink highlights so this collage came together with almost no effort

I wonder if we're supposed to name them as well, hmm "Fighter Kaylee" comes to mind! Anyway, I'm absolutely obsessed with the idea and have been since the first time I came across the breast cancer themed icon with the quote "Fight Like A Girl". Couldn't you guys just imagine the awesomeness?! I had so much fun generating this collage that I started on 2 more, BUT you'll have to tune in again to see the others! More to come tomorrow so see you then!


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