Thursday, September 11, 2014

Awesome Happy Mail

Don't you guys just love it when you're kind of down and need a pick me up, then SURPRISE! Something awesome and unexpected comes in the mail and perks you right up? Well that's exactly what happened to me Tuesday and it made me so happy I couldn't wait to share the feeling with someone else. I received my final stamp for the last Super Secret Stamp Club (missed out on sign ups this time around, no money *sigh*) and had to ink her up right away because, coupled with an adorable TGF sentiment, I knew she'd make someone's day! I decided to give this card to a friend of mine to send to her sister in law, with whom she's very close. So though this card isn't for any challenge, I know it will brighten someone's day

SSSC #9 Day Out

I mean who doesn't love to be told they're awesome at random? I certainly do, it makes me FEEL awesome that someone else thinks I'm awesome (other than the hubby and kiddos) and I hope this makes the recipient feel just as awesome! I colored this image using my copic markers of course! The paper I stamped on is actually new to me and it is AMAZING! My copics blend beautifully on this paper, very similar to the x-press it blending card. The best part, 250 sheets for $10! That's a much better bargain than what I was paying for the x-press it, which was around $17 for only 25 sheets! My only complaint is that the paper claims to be #60lb cardstock but doesn't feel like it, it feels closer to a heavy inkjet paper than a cardstock. That actually turned out to be more convenient though when I fussy cut the image out, my scissors glided through the paper like butter! I ordered it here, if you guys are interested. I'm more than satisfied with this product and unless Hammermill starts to make a heavier weight in this paper, I've found my newest staple product and won't be running out for a while! Happy trails guys!


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