Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's Shakin'???

Good morning blogland! Remeber that feeling you experienced as a kid on Christmas Eve? You know the one, too excited to sleep so you keep waking up every hour on the hour hoping to catch a glimpse of sunlight. All to eager to rush to the tree and see what goodies you received from the big man in red? Did it get worse when you learned to tell time? Mine certainly did because even though there was no sign of light, the clock told you that there would be in 2 hours... 1 hour...30 minutes... you get the idea, I promise you this is going somewhere. That is EXACTLY how I've been feeling since last night when I made my first two shaker cards ever! I got an early start on the card and all that was left to do was assemble my newest creation but I had a setback. My little Minions were being bullies and would not go to sleep, stating repeatedly that they were not sleepy! Me being the boss and quite the smarty pants, I decided to call their bluff and let them stay up until they got sleepy...10pm passed and they were still up and very much active when my Hunny came home from work. One rush job, half a jar of spilled coffee grounds, and some missing heart shaped glitter later I had completed a sub par shaker card that, I suppose, was not bad for a first attempt. A word of advice, instant coffee grounds do NOT make good shaker card filling, a lesson I may or may not be speaking from personal experience on ^.^
Latte Anya

 Well after a very dissapointing photo shoot with my not so awesome card, I caved and put them to bed, determined to do better on my next card and not wanting to wait until tomorrow, (which is now today of course!). Remember the old saying, if at first you don't succeed, stop and have a cupcake! No, wait, that's what I wanted to do...anywho, you know how it really goes! It proved to be totally true and out of my long night came this awesomeness! Another word of advice, MS Iridescent Hearts and Stars Glitter should come with a warning label. While handling them you may or may not received multiple puncture wounds which may or may not draw blood, again, hypothetically speaking, of course ^.^

TGF Queen Bean

Queen Bean

I was very sleepy, even if my girls weren't so I took a few pics and tried to get some shut eye. Yeah, didn't really happen. I tossed, turned, and repeatedly checked the time until I could reasonably justify blogging so early in the morning. I'm very proud of how this card came out, so I couldn't be happier to enter her in this week's Splendid Stamping FFF Challenge, Make it Move!, the Creative Card Crew Challenge, Punches/Dies,  the Simon Says Stamp Challenge, Anything Goes, 7 Kids Challenge Blog, #74 Embellishments! and maybe last minute for the ABC Challenge N for Not Just One! Wish me luck!


  1. Eeee! loved reading your post, your two shaker cards are fab! I love the shape of the first, right down to the little steamy thing coming off the top! and of course the pretty little glitter one! hope your fingers recover soon, good luck with the TGF challenge, im dying to make a shaker card but waiting for some stash to arrive.
    oh also, i love the little highlights you put on your stamps, do you just use a silver/white pen for that?

    1. Yup thanks! it's just an opaque white Sakura jelly roller, got it at my local CSS!

  2. Gorgeous shaker cards!!! I love the Latte Anya one as that happens to be my new favorite TGF stamp. Your coloring is so beautiful!! I may have to try my hand at doing a shaker card again, it's been awhile. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. So sweet. Lovely use of dies.

    Thanks for joining our dies and punch challenge at Creative Card Crew.


  4. BOTH of your cards are so beautiful and you knocked this challenge out of the ballpark with your shakers! Thanks so much for playing along with us at TGF, Krys!

  5. Gorgeous cards Krystal, they are both so sweet and pretty.
    Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp
    Mandy xx