Friday, May 3, 2013

Orange Overload

Am I the only person who hated their school colors? No, I mean really hated their high school's colors. Every pep rally was reminiscent of Halloween, seriously, of all the color combinations in the world, black and orange! Well in the spirit of rebellion I have apparently been subconsciously harboring ill feelings for the color orange lol! Well today I decided to pull out my set of twinkling h2o watercolors and get over my aversion by trying my hand at my very first monochromatic card, this was the result
Cheshire Bean

Too much orange! lol I plan to enter her in the Farm Fresh Friday (FFF) Challenge- Monochromatic .
P.S. does this make you crave orange soda? ^.^


  1. I will admit I am not a big fan of the color orange, however your card is changing my mind. Love the orange of this. Your card is super adorable.

  2. looks so firery i may say
    and it looks cute

  3. I really love this orange card! That's a tough color to use and you did it wonderfully!