Thursday, April 4, 2013

No Paper? No Problem!

It's cold and rainy and miserable here so what better time to do a little shopping without ever leaving the couch? As you'll soon find out I am a serious stampaholic and recently my absolute favorite company in the world, The Greeting Farm, just released their Wonderland Beans Collection I placed my order and will be stalking the mail man until my stamps arrive :D In the mean time I decided to do something constructive and make a few card bases so that when they arrive I can just color them up with my copics add a little stickles and layer them on. After going through my plethora of paper packs (try saying that five times fast) I realized I don't own very many red patterned papers and I was downright upset! I immediately found a lack of the stuff on my usual sites as well. Then suddenly an idea hit; why not just make my own?! From this what I'm calling the "Queen Collection" was born. Now in actuality these are just made from scraps of plain red or white paper that I had lying around paired with some random stamps I've had for ages. This 'stack' was inspired by the red queen of course.

 Take a look tell me what you think, this is my first time trying my hand at creating my own patterned papers to coordinate with my cards. Since I was really enjoying myself I started on a smaller set inspired by my absolute adoration of the color pink and cupcakes.
It has no name yet but I'm open to suggestions! Thanks
 UPDATE:  I finished the collection I think I shall call it the 'Cupcake Collection' on account of all the cupcakey goodness! here's the updated picture of the completed stack: