Friday, April 5, 2013

Stamp Storage with Style!

So many stamps so many storage options, which to choose....hmmmmm?????
That's the question many avid stampers find themselves having to answer, and with an ever and seemingly infinite expansion of options and collections we find ourselves needing more and more space. While some use binders for organization, a few months ago I came across an awesome creative idea that's also budget friendly, no, SERIOUSLY  budget friendly from a fellow stamper on YouTube. I've provided the link here.  And honestly, who doesn't love to save a little change here and there, I know I do. Money saved= stamps, stamps and more STAMPS!
These are just simple photo storage boxes. I spent just around $5 for both boxes at my local Michael's Craft store.

 I bought 3 large-ish sheets of plexiglass also around $5 each. Using a ruler, sharpie, and utility knife with retractable blade, got roughly around 14 (4x6) 'pages' from each. (careful the edges will be SHARP!!!) To solve this problem I bought a roll of patterned duck tape that coordinated with each box and covered those sharp edges. I think it gives them a nice finished look and they match the box now!
I found that each of the 'pages' can hold around 3 full sized magnolia stamps or 2 of the 3x3 TGF stamps and one of the large Miss Anya stamps along with the included sentiments. Also they hold quite a few small stamps depending on size, shape, and your level of skill at playing Tetris (I was never very good) :D

The stamps fit inside very well and can be organized and sorted easily to your personal preference making them more convenient to located when working on a project. I only bought two boxes to start because I wasn't sure how much I'd like the idea but I absolutely LOVE the convenience and the limited space they take up since my kitchen is currently doubling as my craft room (I'm certain hubby isn't entirely thrilled about the lack of kitchen table but he's never so much as frowned about it, ain't he a sweetie ;-D). Well I hope this inspires someone to give this simple project a try. If binders aren't your thing, I HIGHLY recommend this idea! Thanks for stopping by I'd love to hear from you, leave a comment below!

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