Saturday, April 27, 2013

Broken Gadget

Hello all, no card today. I've actually been kinda sad and frustrated to find that my google gadget to follow this site is glitchy. I'm not actually sure when this started because I tend to update and blog from my ipad, on which the gadget shows up/works just fine. The other day I logged on from my laptop and found that the spot that contains my follow this site button as well as my (few but well loved) followers was utterly blank! I checked from my phone, my mom's phone, the Hubster's phone and again from my ipad and voila, there it was just where I left it! Happy day, right? Wrong. While my blog was up on my ipad I also pulled it up on my laptop. Laptop = no 'follow this site' gadget all mobile devices = gadget alive and well -____-  . I've tried a little of everything but nothing works and I'm at a loss, and would love some advice on how to fix this bug!

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