Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bleach and Batman

Hi guys! Ok so technically this isn't a post about a card (although I do have a treat for you guys this friday!) but it IS something crafty! Over the weekend, hubby and I were getting rid of old clothes when he found an old black T-shirt with bleach spots and tossed it onto the pile. Immediately I snatched it up and dashed to the laundry room with an empty spray bottle and an idea. For the last few weeks the weather here has been getting progressively warmer so I figure its that time again! What time you ask? The time when I begin to cut up shirts and jeans to make tank tops and shorts only to wonder where the heck all my clothes went when winter comes around again! It really is a vicious cycle but I'm getting sidetracked. I'd found a tutorial on Pinterest on turning oversized Tees into cute racer back tops and another one showing how to "artfully" bleach clothing, BINGO! An idea became a plan and out of that plan was born this awesome little number:

I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the back but I love the way it came out! To get the batman logo in the center, I found one that I liked online and printed it out on heavy cardstock (#110 lb) and cut it out using an X-acto knife. I kept the negative for a later project and used double sided tape to hold the bat in place. I then proceeded to spray, mist, and stream bleach all over the shirt from above to make sure the bat in the center would come out nice and crisp. I got a little carried away and the bleach started to pool on the cardstock and run onto the shirt, which you can see at the corner of the wing but you can hardly tell. At that point to prevent further unintentional drips, I dabbed the cut out with a dry paper towel until the extra moisture could no longer run and I lifted it away from the shirt. Next I sat the shirt out in the sun to speed up the bleaching. When I felt it was bleached as well as it could get without destroying the fabric, I tossed it into the washing machine for a cold rinse and then a full wash also in cold water. I avoided putting any other items in the washer in case the bleach was still strong enough to ruin any clothing I didn't want bleached. I seriously love the way it came out, I've gotten many compliments and DH actually asked me if that was something he bought and didn't know he'd bought it for me :D! I see a lot more bleaching in my future, what about you guys? Any bleaching in your future?


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