Friday, August 15, 2014

Under The Sea

TGIF! Wow this week flew by but goodness I'm glad it's over, Hubby had field training so he's been gone all week and I can't wait to have him home again! I will admit its much easier to keep the house clean but it's just not the same without him, much too much time on my hands. Ladies, have you ever had a crafty idea that you just knew would look amazing but once you got started, it seemed easier said than done? Got one of those ideas around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning And I absolutely couldn't resist getting out of bed and starting on the project that ended up taking all week long. It finally came together beautifully and I can't wait to share:

Bubbles Mermaid

This mixed media collage was a headache and a lesson learned all in one! It started as a blank ceramic sign that I ruined while working on it, but did not want to throw away. I made the decision to cover it somehow and try again but had no idea how to go about doing it so I put it away for a later date. Fast forward 2 months later 3 a.m. Tuesday morning and I'm sitting in my craft room ripping up book pages and glueing them down like a mad woman. I left it overnight to dry...and neglected it the res of the week, glaring at it from across the room. Ok I'm exaggerating , I finally started on it again Thursday night, using gelatos, alcohol ink mists, acrylic pain, and homemade texture paste  to create this underwater scene. I knew exactly which Odd Girl digi I wanted as the center of attention, Bubbles Mermaid! I wanted her to look as if she's a part of the underwater scene, not just added on top, so coloring her on xpress it blending card, cutting her out and adhering her on top. I got the brilliant idea to print Bubbles Mermaid on a piece of white tissue paper so that only her outline would be visible, kind of like a water slide decal. Several paper jams later I got it printed out and it was perfect! A great idea...until I tried to trim the extra paper around the image. Ugh! Cutting an image out of tissue paper, NIGHTMARE!!! I highly do NOT recommend it for the faint of heart lol! I kid, but it was a real pain in the rear, and certainly not something I'll be trying again soon. I did however achieve the desired effect, and once she was colored up with my copics, she blended in positively gorgeous with her background. Also, as you can see, I just couldn't help myself coloring her in the likeness of a certain very famous mermaid! I haven't decided what to do with this particular project. Since so much hard work went into it, I can't yet part with it, so its home is on my craft room wall for now, oh darn ^.^ happy Friday ladies! Hope you enjoy your weekend, I'm off to link up to the SOG August Linky Party, hope you guys join the fun!


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  1. This is so COOL!!! Very creative! Thanks for joining us at the August Linky Party at Some Odd Girl!