Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stuck on You (EXTREMELY picture heavy!!!)

Hi guys OMG Super excited excited to FINALLY post this project/tutorial and be warned, this is VERY picture heavy so I won't ramble much. But first, a backstory... I hate naked refrigerators, they're so impersonal and even though they are usually the largest fixture in every kitchen, they are usually less than impressive. I started to search for magnets when my oldest daughter started school, I couldn't wait for her to bring home those little drawings and place them on my fridge. After months of searching I found only the cheap plastic ones so I gave up. One day I found a recipe for salt dough on Pinterest ( you can find the recipe Here) and that got gears turning! After a few attempts and some trial and error I finally got it! Hope you guys like it and maybe even give it a try if you like it.

First and foremost, gather all the materials you need (found this out the hard way) salt dough dries out fairly quickly. you will need salt dough, a rolling pin, stazon ink, a spatula, a few stamps and acrylic block, and a sharp knife

roll out the salt dough to about a quarter inch thick

using stazon permanent ink is EXTREMELY important, memento ink did NOT work for me
I like to try and fit as many stamps on the salt dough as I can 
cut the stamped salt dough apart. if you use a knife be sure not to drag it too much as this will warp the image
choose one to work with and cover the rest in plastic wrap to keep them from drying out.

keep cutting off straight lines until your image is completely cut out. At this point you can either save the scrap pieces form a new ball and try to roll them out again but I usually just discard them since some of the pieces already have ink on them which will show up on the next image since stazon is permanent it wont come off. once you have every image cut out, place on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees. mine took several hours to dry so results may vary.

once all the salt dough images are dry you can sand down the edges, I used black sandpaper (not sure what grit, sorry!). After that I wipe them down with a slightly damp cloth to remove all the extra dust. Since I used my copic markers to color them I didn't want to leave any extra dust to prevent ruining my markers or clogging the nib. You can also use acrylic or enamel paint. When you finish decorating them with your chosen medium give them time to dry and seal. Again, through trial and error I found that you can use glossy accents applied with a sponge brush to seal or you could go buy a can of acrylic sealant from your LCS. I tried out both and they both work well but I found out the hard way glossy accent leaves a milky white film over your magnet to be that will gradually fade out and turn normal colored over a few days. Attach a magnet to the back using a strong adhesive such as E6000 or my personal favorite, hot glue.

I think I went a tad bit overboard, but I promise, once you give it a try you'll be hooked as well! I plan to do this for just about every TGF stamp I get in the future as well. I have found that some stamps work better than others but you'll just have to give yours a try and see which work best for you.

 I think I made around 38 total and I'm running out of space on my fridge so you know that can only mean one thing... I obviously need a bigger refrigerator! lol well I hope you enjoyed this  "pinnspiring" post and you guys decide to give it a try! ttyl


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