Friday, April 11, 2014

In Stitches

Hi guys as you know I've been experimenting with other uses for my adorable TGF stamps. Od course they look darling on cards but the wheels in my head have been in overdrive coming up with/ trying out ideas. I'm a bit under the weather so I won't ramble on today either. I found that you can create adorable little shirts using stazon ink, copic markers and rubber stamps and here are a couple of my finished projects so far:

Birthday Anya 2 (left) Easter Anya (right)

Skyward Anya (left) Up Up Bean (right)

Since stazon has a tendency to bleed into copics and vice versa, I highly recommend drying or ironing your shirt on high heat after stamping but before coloring with copics. If you are not careful to color inside the lines you will not only ruin your nib, but also cause the black stazon to "reactivated" so to speak, and run into your colored sections so be very careful. Another idea for coloring where images would be a permanent or fabric paint but I've yet to find a bottle of fabric paint with a thin enough spout for fine detail.  Well this is my two cent for today I'm going to lay down and try to feel better. Hopefully you guys will be feeling adventurous and will try and perfect this technique, if you do, I'd love feedback on how it can be improved!

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