Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pretty Pastels

Hi guys this is a fun short post but it will also be my last for a while. Don't worry, it's a good reason this time and it will only be for a few weeks at most. A while back I mentioned a PCS to Fort Drum and having to prep for it right? Well today the movers came and packed up/drove off with all my crafting supplies! I knew it was coming but seeing my card making supplies carted off made me realize this is really happening lol. I won't be joining hubby as soon as I'd like so my things are in storage for now which is why I won't be able to make any cards. Don't worry though I've been promised my own craft room instead of having to commandeer the kitchen table again so as soon as I'm settled in I will be back to stamping and sharing with you guys! In the mean time, I hope you enjoy my entry for TGF's FFF, Use pastel colors, using ms Tress


Hair: E40,41,42,43
Skin: E50,51 YR000
Clothes: V25,22 BV000 RV83,81,10

Wish me luck on my move, see you guys again soon!


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  1. Oh Krys! I'm gonna miss seeing your posts but how exciting that your move is finally here! Wishing you a safe and fast transition to your new home. And how awesome to have your own crafting room! My craft table is basically shared with the home computer. :( Beautiful job with Tress and love all of the soft colors you used and your pretty coloring! Have a wonderful weekend! :)