Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Greeting Farm Fever

Hi out there in blogland! It's me again, of course, and once again I'm awake absurdly early. I've been in sort of a funk, which I had until recently attributed to not having any new stamps. Turns out that's not it, I still have no idea what it is but I've been lacking motivation. I also haven't found any challenges that I got excited about in a while but maybe thats cause I keep losing lol. In any case I knew I needed to give you guys something since it has been a few days ( I tend to not make cards when my hubby is off work, kinda like my personal off days so we can do things as a family). Usually even if I have no motivation, looking at the DT projects and challenges over at The Greeting Farm will give me some sort of creative spark, and sure enough I was right, consider my creativity sparked, temporary or not!
TGF Oliver- My Favorite Thing

This pic came out a bit fuzzy for some reason so I'll more than likely retake it at a normal hour, you know, when people are awake and not just my neighbor's rooster (who I consider introducing to Colonel Sanders daily). P.S for those of you who have only had the...pleasure...of seeing roosters on television, they not only crow when the sun comes up, but apparently whenever the urge strikes them. Unfortunately the urge seems to strike my neighbor's rooster no less than 18 hours a day, you get used to it... sort of. I digress. To get back to the point, this week's challenges at the farm are the  FFF- Oh Boy!, where you have to rep a male TGF stamp, and the semi abstract GVT- 1-5-5, meaning you had to incorporate 1 of something 5 of something and 5 of something else. I chose 1 stamped image, Oliver from TGF's My Favorite Thing Set, 5 different papers from the DCWV Baby Boy Stack and 5 Buttons. I've had that stack forever but hadn't even opened it because of my drastic lack of male stamps. I seem to have quite a few unopened or barely touched stacks that 'Seemed like a good investment at the time' collecting dust as I type. I just feel so bleh! Maybe a new pack of dp will end my rutt? One way to find out, Oozak, here I come, see feeling better already, TTYL bloggers!


  1. Adorable guy card!! Fantastic coloring! Thanks for joining the TGF challenge!