Monday, February 3, 2014

More Amour

Good Monday everybody! Who doesn't love, I don't love Mondays they make me inexplicably grouchy but I think it has that effect on most people. Maybe they should just remove Mondays from the calendar would everybody just be grouchy on Tuesday instead? Lol pay my ramblings no mind, it's Monday ^.^ now on to better things! I was lucky enough to win last week's red white and blue challenge over at Splendid Stamping and can't wait to receive my prize from that, I never really win anything so Woo hoo me for that! I LOVE TGF, j'adore those awesome products so what better way to express it than with another altered journal!

Anya Styles

Adorable, no? Lol in keeping with my theme of Valentine-ish projects, I went with another Eiffel Tower background because does Anya Styles not compliment the city of love's most famous piece of architecture perfectly?  I decided to go with a pale purple and slate you know what I mean lol!) rather than traditional V day colors today sort of like a mini break so I don't burn out on my favorite day before it even gets here hope you guys like it!

1 comment:

  1. OMGosh Krystal this is just stunning!!! Love the little Paris scene and the colors are beautiful.