Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hi guys I'm finally back...well sort of. The last two weeks have been pretty busy for me, DH graduated from BCT (so extremely proud!!!) and the ceremony was beautiful! I've never planned a trip out of state, especially with no help so it took a lot for me to organize, especially considering all the what if's and maybe's I was looking at (don't ask!)After a 19 hour bus ride there with two preschoolers( nightmare!), very little rest, an awesome but much too short visit with my hunny, and yet another 19 hour bus ride back home, this time with both myself and one of my preschoolers being very sick(turned out to be pneumonia, my poor baby!). Now after a week of recovery things are finally starting to settle down and boy have I got an awesome project for you guys...coming soon! I know it's not fair but honestly I've never seen this done, even on Pinterest so I want to really wow you guys and inspire you to try it too! Wish me luck you guys, so far so good and I'll see you again soon hopefully with my new project/ technique!


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