Saturday, February 8, 2014

Birthday Wishes

Hello all! Six years ago I met my best friend and was fortunate enough to become his wife and mother of our two beautiful daughters. I suppose you're wondering why I'm telling you guys this? I don't normally blog on Saturdays but today is a special occasion, my DH's birthday!!! Unfortunately he is still away at Army BCT so I can't celebrate with him but I miss him like crazy. Fortunately, the long process is almost over and after what feels like AGES, I'll finally get to see him again soon for family day and graduation later this month!!! In honor of his SIT status I decided to do an Army themed card instead of just a happy birthday. The colors were a nightmare to try and incorporate with the camo, but in the end it turned out just perfect and I hope he loves it

C.C. Dante

I used C.C. Dante and colored him up using copics. I then used the hat from the OA Lovey Dovey 4x6 set to complete the 'uniform' and altered him a bit by drawing those notorious military issued glasses, so lovingly called BCG's (or birth control glasses) most often. I took a few stars that were much to small for my toddlers leftover from their art kit and painted them gold for a little something extra. I then created a hand made dog tag out of a scrap of cardstock colored silver, and found a small section of an old necklace, whose pendant was long ago lost to complete this not so standard issued birthday card for my SIT ^.^ I plan to enter this card in the FFF Challenge Recycle It! over at Splendid Stamping. Hope you guys like this soldier inspired card and thanks for stopping by to join me in wishing my DH a happy birthday!


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