Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bag 'em and Tag 'em

OMG I'm so sorry you guys I've been absent for a while and I hope I didn't lose any of my awesome followers because of this! A few posts back I mentioned that my husband left for basic training and I've been trying to adjust to essentially becoming a single parent over night. I already had much respect for all the single mothers out there but I have a whole new understanding and level of respect for the women who do everything and still manage to find time for themselves. I'm blessed to at least have finances taken care of so I can focus all my attention on business matters and raising my two beautiful girls, but what about those women who maintain the household, raise children, tend to business matters AND are the sole source of income??? All that being said I just wanted to give praise to all those strong women who do this every day not just for a few months! Now on to the actual cause of my blog; cards and craft projects.

For the last week I've been working on one huge project (it was HUGE to me at least). As we all know, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, partly because you cant go anywhere without seeing hearts and candy, the other part because you can't turn on the tv without seeing an advertisement for Jared's, and guess what? I LOVE IT!!!! Lol call me crazy but I look forward to this day more than I do Christmas so I start counting down every year, poor poor hubby ^.^ Well TGF did it again, just in time for my favorite holiday they release a stamp, Sweetie Bean,  that was simply perfect for my project! For my oldest daughter's class I made gift bags with tags using sweetie bean and they turned out wonderfully!

Sweetie Bean

I ended up making 23 in all, 22 for my oldest daughter and her class plus one extra for my youngest so she wouldn't feel left out! Man are my markers up for refills after all that coloring! I plan on entering these sweet treats in TGF's Farm Fresh Friday Challenge Love is in the Air! 
I'm trying to keep the ball rolling with the V day theme until after V day has passed because as I said before, I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!! lol bear with me you guys it'll all be over soon...maybe ^.^
See you next time,


  1. 23 of them, now that's what I call Motherly love. Gorgeous coloring they turned out lovely.
    I was an Army wife for 20 years (before Scrubby retired) and believe me I mostly loved my alone time, even with 2 children.
    Nicky x

  2. Wow!!! You're tags are gorgeous!!! 23 yikes?!!

  3. Oh my goodness! These are the most adorable gift tags with Sweetie! Beautiful job and thanks for joining the FFF challenge over at TGF!:)

  4. As a military wife for 27 yrs now retired and a military Mom, I know your pain. Yes single mom's have it tough. Help them when you can.
    I love your bags they are adorable. I love the red hair and have been looking for that color of red. Could you tell me what color of copics you used please? TSM