Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seeing Red

Omg so, have you guys ever found a pack of DP so amazingly awesome you just HAD to have it... but then the romance wears off and you realize that out of the entire stack of around 50 sheets, you actually only like 5 patterns so the rest of the stack sits and collects dust while slowly being forgotten? No? Hehe... me niether... ignore that forgotten stack of papers over in the corner...huh? The cobwebs? Oh...they're...ummmm....Halloween decorations??? Hey! It happens ok? Dont judge ^.^ Well Today I made myself (and my paper stash) a promise to start making myself use the paper I already own rather than buy more. Thanks to the challenge over at Splendid Stamping, my creativity has been tested and since I've been on a roll I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone a bit and make a red, non Valentiney, non Christmasy card that could go for either gender, for the Farm Fresh Friday Sketch and... why not swap a body while I'm at it right?

Head: C.C. Lula  Body: C.C. Harlow

See I told you, they've created a monster with this body switching Alter-Ego Challenge MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! (My mad scientist laugh :-D). I wish i could tell you guys this is my last swapped out sweetheart, but alas, I colored up another cutie last night and can hardly wait to  use her on a project! I am so excied I hope you guys love it as much as I do! See ya tomorrow, and as always thanks for stopping by



  1. I LOVE it! The tan complements the red very well

  2. Hahaha taht's why I'm super picky about the paper packs I buy now! I hear ya! Cute card and thanks so much for playing in our "Alter-Ego" contest!

  3. Love your coloring, great job! Thanks for playing along this fun challenge!

  4. I love this combo and the background you put her on ~ really makes her stand out. I have to agree on the paper, I have a bunch of those partly used packs around too. Thanks for joining the TGF Alter Ego challenge.

  5. She is adorable! Great design with all the reds too-

  6. Fab card! Love the swap out you did!